Bloons TD 6 Apk
App Name Bloons TD
Size 62.67 MB
updates version V11.1
Mod size 42.37 MB


Bloons TD 6 apk is a tower defense game. In this game, monkeys pop the bloons. Bloons tower defense 6 is also as known as amazing as Bloom Td 6 APK. With over 35 pls update so far and over a decade-old game, Bloom tower is the best strategy game you can playing offering you the best 3D artistic graphics, and 4 players cooperative mode of gaming experience.

It is similar to the previous game but bloons td introduces some new tools such as Purple Bloons, new heroes tower and activated abilities, 5th tier upgrades, all-new MOAB-Class Bloons, and a third upgrade path for every single monkey tower. Purple bloons have different characteristics. It is immune to fire, plasma, energy weapons, and magic-based attacks. Another bloons is a fortified bloons. Some people call Reinforced bloons td 6 or Banded bloons. Ninja Kiwi is the famous developer.

Bloons TD 6 Apk 3 Data + MOD For Android download

Bloons TD 6 Apk

Monkey Towers Gameplay

The gameplay is based on complex monkey vs bloons td 6 balancing, building powerful DEEP MONKEY KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM, intense visual effects , challenging and tricky maps with different game modes, customizable maps, and unique , this is the best apk app you can play in your easy time. The purpose of the apk is that you have to find tricks and make a strategy to stop these balls from reaching their goal.

For this purpose, you are provided with 11 different types of powerful monkey tower which are watching the towers in the game. You can enjoy this game with friends. You will get machine items also which you can upgrade by destroying bloons. The towers can be upgraded when they have 3 parts collected.

It has a stronger variation and used armor to prevent attacks. It is tougher to pop fortified balloons. It appears in round 45. This bloons td 6 is the ability to merge the Camo and regrowth. There is a three-mode in this bloons td easy, medium, and hard. Each mode has different functionalities. The mode allows players to enjoy the same map in different ways. After completing the round the player gets the monkey towers money based on the map and mode chosen.

There are some different bloons such as MOAB Class bloons, B.F.B, D.D.T and Z.O.M.G., and BTD6 along with the new B.A.D bloon. These bloons are only come after round 40. All the balloons have lots of health. Player hits 200 times to pop the M.O.A.B. B.F.B requires 700 hits to pop, D.D.T needs 400 hits to pop, Z.O.M.G needs 4000 hits to pop, and B.A.D needs 20,000 hits to pop the bloon. This is basically a war between monkey towers and bloons td 6. It was released on June 14, 2018. Now download bloons td 6 is updated on July 13, 2019.

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Bloons TD 6 Apk Game download


Bloons Tower defense game is also known as Bloons TD. Ninja Kiwi is the developer of the game. This game is developed as a browser game in beginning. It was released in 2007. After a successful response from clients, finally, this game is developed on mobile platforms including Android, iOS, PlayStation Portable, Windows Phone, and Nintendo DSi.

Bloons Game has new 3D graphics, a new monkey knowledge system, two new towers, 55th tier, and 3rd path upgrade for every tower. Now the developers add Fortified bloons, challenges purple bloons, MOAB Class bloons, and B.A.D bloons. Fortified Bloons is more powerful and the player needs to hit the bloons multiple times.

Bloons TD 6 Game Apk

In bloons TD mod apk app heroes are a new features, heroes is a special type of tower that upgrades and difficulty levels itself up. Every tower has a different and unique ability. There are four heroes Quincy, Gwendolyn, Striker Jones, and Obyn Greenfoot. More heroes were added in later updates. The names are Captain Churchill, Benjamin, Ezili, and Pat Fusty.

Bloon TD 6 apk levels:

When the game was released, it has 20 levels. Now in the updated latest version bloons tower defense 6 has 40 levels. Every level has different rewards and challenges. If you want to complete the levels then you must complete certain requirements of that level. When you complete the level, you will get bonuses and rewards.

Strategy Game Design:

Bloons apk has a 3D tower and some 2D elements. It is a combination of 3D and 2D graphics. The interface and graphics are pretty well and smooth for adults and children.


Bloons TD 6 new updated game

Bloons Game for iOS:

  • The apk file size is 47 MB
  • The last exciting version is v2.1
  • iOS 11.0 or above
  • You can download from App Store and also download bloons app td 6 from here

Key Feature:-

Bloons for pc:

If you want to install bloons td apk play game in your PC then first, you need to install the emulator in your PC like Blue Stacks.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 APK Free shopping :

The main thing in the bloons mod gamers is to stop these bubbles from completing the road map.

Bloons TD 6 Apk App

How do prevent bloons to reach the endpoint?

  • When Bloons are going on a track on a map
  • A track has one or more entrances and exits.
  • There are restricted monkeys, double health moabs to stop the bloons
  • As a start, you can place the two dart monkeys on a map.
  • After some time, the bloons are faster.
  • When you pop the all bloons you can played the next round.
  • When you Pop the bloons, you can earn money and unlocked money.
  • When the player completes round two you have the option to upgrade the dart monkey towers.
  • Each Monkey towers and skills has 5 upgrades in 3 paths.
  • In this games, Quincy Monkey groups hero upgrades himself during the games bloons and pops several bloons per shot.
  • You can earn & win points.
  • You can unlocked all features from this game.
  • You can enjoy free shopping .
  • There are different weapons that you buy with your coins.

Bloons TD 6 Full Latest Version

Classes of Game Bloons

There are two classes of bloons.

  1. Regular Class
  2. MOAB Class

Regular Class:

The regular class has different bloons such as red bloons, blue bloons, black bloons, green bloons, yellow bloons, zebra bloons, rainbow bloons, white bloons, purple bloons and lead bloons. Regular bloons have different abilities such as Camo has an ability that most towers cannot detect; regrowth has ability to grow back to its original size; fortified has double health and tough to pop this bloons.

MOAB Class:

MOAB-Class consists of

  • O.A.B
  • F.B
  • D.T
  • O.M.G
  • A.D

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