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You don’t have to go to a marriage bureau or ask someone to find a perfect match for you. The Coomeet application or you can say it is taken very cleverly from the cooperative meeting. This means that if you are interested and serious about finding a partner, you can visit here. The Coomeet premium account comes up with more perks and extra benefits for the application.

What makes the Coomeet premium account different from others?

The premium version provides ad-free services. It will not show you unwanted and untimely advertisements which are irrelevant too. Sometimes, while chatting those ads could be annoying. So, when you are a premium member then you can get extra benefits. Coomeet premium account comes up with more languages of your choice, unlike others. Most of the applications available in the market offer you just English language chatting. But, if you download Coomeet and get its premium membership, you get to have another bunch of languages like French, Russian, Spanish, etc.

How to buy a Coomeet premium account?

When you sign up as a new user, the application allows your free trial to judge it. If you like it then you can proceed further otherwise you can just leave it. The first 10 minutes when you sign up are the trial period where you can check services provided by the app. After that, it will ask you to buy a membership for a day, month, or year automatically.

commeet apk

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How does the Coomeet premium account work?

When you are out of the free trial mode and have bought a membership you will get to see the simple mode of usage. To use the application is not that difficult, unlike others where you have to take help from someone to how to use various complex options. You have a chat room and video call room on the screen. First, when you want to know someone then go to the chat room. You will find boys and girls online there in your nearby areas or preferred areas which you selected while registering. You can chat and also face time them through this application.

How to get rid of the trial period timer on the Coomeet apk?

When it asks you to buy the membership, you can just close the app first and then apply VPN. This would change your IP address and switch to some other country in the world. Now, you can explore more but this would also not remain longer. Just check out whether you are easy using the app or you find it difficult to use it.

How much Coomeet premium account charge?

Coomeet premium account will ask you for packages of your choice. It offers you day, month, and yearly packages to explore more and find your perfect match. It costs $1.99 per day, $4.99 per month, and $9.99 per year. Find a person you like and you can chat then while using the application. The account provides you the privilege to secure your chatting history and it would be encrypted. But, make sure to remember the password and username of the account. It would get expired if you don’t log in for 6 months or if you uninstall it. It would automatically suspend your account after this period of not using the account.

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