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App Name Dead CellsĀ 
File Size 1.26 GB
Last Update 2022-12-24
Category Action
Developer Playdigious
Required 6.0 and up

Dead Cells Apk is a well popular action game. It is loaded with full of blood and fights. In this game, your journey will begin with an old knife and a broken woody shield. This game includes a vast number of weapons that will help you in your fight against your opposition. Use your weapons to kill the most significant number of opponents before they all die.

You are in a dungeon, and you need to dig through it to find cells and other related items to use in this game. The graphics of the game are kept so amazing that some people fall in love with it just by seeing this. You can download dead cells mod apk.

The screenplay is so realistic that if you collide with something, you will hear its sound and see how the light frequency of this game changes when you switch places. In the game Dead Cell for Android, the levels are randomly generated. Each time the player will see a new arrangement of rooms and corridors.

Dead Cells features four different maps, each containing multiple branching paths, ensuring that the intense gameplay experience is endlessly engaging. Players must continuously fight against various enemies and bosses, all while being mindful of conserving their energy. The game never truly ends, as each playthrough presents a new challenge and a unique experience. The player’s character is an anonymous warrior with no face.

Dead Cells Apk Android Game (Unlocked ) Updated Version Download

dead cells apk

Therefore, the longer the run goes on, the more influential the player’s ability and potential will unlock. Thrilling Boss Fight with Engless Variations The battles with bosses in Dead Cells culminate in entertainment when everything is fast and fierce, and there is no stopping point for players to adapt.

They are also scumbags and have a lot of dirty tricks to bring depression to players while mocking them during actual combat or doing combos.

In order to replenish your wasted energy, it is possible to purchase blood bottles in bulk. Additionally, upgrading your items can be achieved by collecting the latest items found within the dungeon. By exploring different locations, valuable items can be discovered, which can be sold to obtain weapons and other necessary items. Although the purpose of the game is to clear the game, but after defeating the final BOSS, you can get up to 4 origin cells, which are used to increase the difficulty and challenge of the game.

Unlock new difficulties and more suffering while competing with challenging enemies and bosses in exotic biomes or maps. Spend Cells to unlock new features or new weapons to expand the gameplay to new extends for a creative or pure chaotic experience in the dungeons.

In Dead Cells Apk, leveling up allows you to receive additional cells in the form of treasure chests. Unlike other mobile action game, there is no slow countdown timer to limit your progress. To level up quickly, it is recommended to deal as much damage as possible within a short period of time.

In the mod version of the Dead Cells game, you can even use paid items for free because only the mod latest version allows you to use everything for free. This mod version is completely free to download which means you don’t have to pay them to download this game. You can easily install this game on your device for free. If you want to unlock dlc puchased and installed mod menu info. Get Unlimited money .

Some Important Key Features of Dead Cells Apk:-


Dead Cells features a high-paced gameplay experience that requires players to be quick on their feet and constantly adapt to their surroundings. The game’s fast-paced combat system and permadeath feature add an intense level of challenge and excitement. As such, the only source of entertainment for the player is to defeat all enemies with creative combinations of weapons or use their intellect to defeat the bosses. Each type of boss in the game’s downloadable content offers something different and extraordinary when roaming through countless dungeons.

The game’s procedurally generated levels ensure that each playthrough is unique and challenging, offering a new experience every time. Additionally, the game’s upgrade system allows players to tailor their playstyle to their liking, ensuring that the gameplay experience is always engaging and rewarding.

Unique Stories:

Dead Cells mod apk storytelling is cryptic and told through environmental cues and hints, allowing players to piece together the narrative themselves.

The game’s dark and immersive world-building, coupled with its haunting soundtrack, creates a unique atmosphere that enhances the storytelling experience. While the game’s focus is primarily on the gameplay, the underlying story provides a deeper level of meaning and context to the overall experience.

Collection of Weapons:

One of the standout features of Dead Cells mod apk is the diverse collection of weapons available to players. From swords and bows to explosives and traps, the game offers a wide range of options to suit every playstyle.

Additionally, the game’s upgrade system allows players to improve and customize their weapons, making them even more deadly and effective against the various enemies and bosses they will encounter throughout the game.


In Dead Cells, new enemies do not attack until they are provoked by the player. This adds a unique level of strategy to the game, as players must carefully plan their approach and decide when and how to engage with resilient enemies. Additionally, the game’s upgrade system allows players to unlock and utilize different abilities and tools to effectively navigate through the game’s challenges and obstacles.

New enemies and difficult challenges await those who conquer the final boss on each adventure. Additional downloadable bosses with complex mechanics and multiple fun toys will appear in the most complex environments.


Dead Cells mod apk is often referred to as a (roguevania) game, blending elements of the rogue-like and Metroidvania genres. The game’s nonlinear progression and permadeath feature are reminiscent of rogue-like games, while its exploration and upgrade system is inspired by the Metroidvania genre.

This unique blend of gameplay elements creates an engaging and challenging experience that keeps players coming back for more.

dead cells game

Frantic and Dynamic 2D Action:

Dead Cells features a 2D side-scrolling gameplay experience that is both frantic and dynamic. The game’s fast-paced combat system and permadeath feature create an intense level of challenge and excitement, while the game’s procedurally generated levels ensure that each playthrough is unique and engaging.

Additionally, the game’s upgrade system allows players to tailor their playstyle to their liking, ensuring that the gameplay experience is always fresh and exciting.

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2D Graphics

Dead Cells’ 2D graphics are a standout feature of the game, creating a unique and immersive visual experience. The game’s art style is inspired by classic pixel art, featuring detailed and expressive animations that bring the game’s world and characters to life. The game’s varied environments are also visually stunning, ranging from dark and foreboding dungeons to lush forests and intricate castles.

Play at your own pace:

While indie hit Dead Cells mod apk is known for its high-paced and challenging gameplay, the game also allows players to play at their own pace.

The game’s nonlinear progression and upgrade system allow players to explore and progress through the game in a way that suits their individual playstyle. This flexibility ensures that the gameplay experience is accessible to players of all skill levels and preferences, making it a game that anyone can enjoy.

Simple Controls to Play

Dead Cells features simple and intuitive controls that allow players to jump straight into the action without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

The game’s menu control scheme is designed to be accessible, with basic movement and combat mechanics that are easy to learn but still require skill to master.

Players move their characters using the left stick or directional pad and can jump by pressing the A button. Attacks are mapped to the X and Y buttons, with different combinations and timing resulting in different moves and combos.

The game also features a dodge roll mechanic that allows players to evade attacks and maneuver around enemies quickly.

dead cells app

How to Download Dead Cells and install?

Before downloading, follow some steps

First Enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your Android Mobile Phone. You can do this by going to your device’s settings, then selecting Security or Privacy, and then enabling Unknown sources.

Then Start Downloading the Dead Cells Apk latest version file from this page.

Once the download is complete, go to the Downloads folder on your device and find the Dead Cells Apk file.

Tap on the Apk file to begin the installation process.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. It may take a few minutes to complete.

Once the installation is complete, open the game and start playing Dead Cells!

You can also download dead cells from google play store.


Is the Dead Cells Apk game a multiplayer game?

No, this is not a multiplayer game, it’s only a single-player game.

Which platforms are available for Dead Cells Game?

Dead Cells is available on multiple platforms, such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation 5, and all mobile devices.

Is Dead Cells an easy or difficult game?

Dead Cells is a challenging game, it’s quick to navigate the game’s levels and defeat its enemies.

Is any story in Dead Cells?

Yes, it depends on a unique story that is revealed through exploration & dialogue with characters.

What are the unique weapons players can use in this game?

Dead Cells features a wide variety of unique and powerful weapons that players can use to defeat their enemies, including a ball, a whip, and a giant hamster that can pull enemies closer.

Do Dead Cells have any cheat codes?

Dead Cells does not have any official cheat codes, but there are a few secrets and hidden tricks throughout the game for players.

Can players customize characters?

No, Players cannot customize the appearance of their character in Dead Cells.

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