Drastic DS Emulator APK
App Name Drastic DS Emulator
File Size 13.9 MB
Version r2.6.0.3a
Category Emulator
Publisher Exophase
Required Android 4.5

Drastic DS Emulator APK is a famous application. It allows users to play Nintendo DS games on their Android Mobile devices. It was developed by Exophase, a developer known for creating high Performance emulators for different gaming consoles.

This App also allows users to customize the placement & size of the two screens, making it easier to play games on different screen sizes. It has an HD 3D graphics rendering engine that improves the graphics of DS games significantly. It is the ability to enhance the graphics of DS games.

Drastic DS Emulator App offers a wide range of features that enhance the gaming experience. One of the top features is the ability to save and resume games at any time. This means that users can save their progress and continue playing the game. Drastic Ds Emulator also offers a variety of control options, including support for physical controllers. Users can easily connect their Android device to a controller and play games just like they would on a console. The Nintendo DS was a revolutionary handheld gaming console that was released in 2004. The drastic ds emulator quickly became one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time, selling over 154 million units worldwide.

The app also has support for cheat codes, which allows users to unlock special features and abilities in the games they play. The console had a unique design with two screens, one of which was a touch screen, and a stylus that allowed for innovative gameplay experiences. Many of the Nintendo games that were released for the Nintendo DS were critically acclaimed and are still considered to be some of the best games ever made.

The DraStic emulator does not contain any ads because all the advertisements have been manually removed by the modders to give you an ad-free gaming experience. Users will get the full functionality and physical controls in major devices like Nvidia Shield and Xperia Play. All the players can download a good collection of games without taking up too much space because most of them are only about 15-40 MB.

Moreover, you have various visual and audio settings, including an FPS meter, an autosave function, and even a cloud storage file save feature that uploads and downloads from Google Drive. With the help of this apk, you can easily synchronize all of your game progress specifically from your online Google Drive space which is the most secure storage server. You are also allowed to customize the arrangement and size of the DS screen no matter whether it is in portrait or landscape mode.

Best Drastic DS Emulator APK For Android Download Full Version (Updated)

Drastic DS Emulator APK

Feel free to make use of the available customizations and placements of displays in the app to change how you access the game. Choose between the portrait and landscape modes to line up your two screens vertically or horizontally, respectively. Or easily pinch on them to make them smaller and bigger as you dive into the awesome in-game experiences.

If your device is capable then you can enable it from the settings and it will automatically enhance the game’s graphics quality by almost two times the original resolution. Never lose your in-game progress In addition, to further protect your in-game progress, Android gamers in DraStic DS Emulator can also access the online synchronizations of their save games.

Unlike other emulators that support Gameboy Advance or even Nintendo 3DS games, DraStic only correctly emulates Nintendo DS. DraStic is only intended for play of private backups of legally acquired Nintendo DS games. This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo in any way.

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It enables you to easily download, install, and play thousands of NDS games on your compatible mobile or smart TVs. The emulator provides you with tons of features and customizability options to increase the screen resolution of selected games, smoother graphics, and ability to tweak the game and use cheat codes.

With this, you can now play almost all games from the popular portable console on your mobile device. Once configured, with just a single tap on the button you can increase and decrease the speed of your gameplay and emulation. Support for Cheat Codes and Alterations The app comes bundled with a huge database of thousands of cheat codes that means there is something for almost every Nintendo DS game title.

The license is the biggest problem in the simulator because without any license we can’t use any feature of DraStic DS Emulator. But in this hacked version of this Apk, you can use all the features without having any license key.

Updated Drastic DS Emulator Apk Key Features:-


Drastic Ds Emulator offers customizable controls, allowing users to adjust the layout of buttons and touchscreen controls to their liking.

Save states:

The fast nintendo ds emulator allows users to save their progress at any point in a all the games, making Drastic Ds Emulator easy to pick up where they left off.

High speed Emulation:

Drastic is well known for its ability to emulate Nintendo DS games at full increased emulation speed, providing a seamless gaming experience for users.


The amazing emulator provides high-quality graphics, enabling users to play games with clear and sharp visuals.

Cheat codes:

Drastic DS Emulator supports cheat codes, allowing users to unlock hidden exciting features or gain an advantage in their favorite nintendo ds games.


Drastic DS Emulator is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to users from different regions and backgrounds.

controller support:

The emulator supports external controllers, allowing users to play games using a physical controller rather than on-screen controls.

Controller Structure Layout:

To use an external controller with the emulator, you’ll need to pair it with your device.

D-Pad: Located on the left side of the screen, the D-Pad controls character movement in games that require it.

Menu Button: Located in the upper-right corner of the screen, the Menu button provides access to various emulator settings and features.

Action Buttons: Located on the right side of the screen, the A, B, X, and Y buttons are used for various actions in games.

Select or Start Buttons: Located at the bottom of the screen, the Start and Select buttons are used for menu navigation and other game-specific functions.

The Drastic DS Emulator also supports external controllers, allowing users to connect physical controllers to their devices and use them to play games on the emulator.

Drastic DS Emulator App

Screen customization:

The emulator offers various screen customization options, such as screen rotation, screen size, and filters, allowing users to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences.


The emulator supports a wide range of Nintendo DS games, making it easy for users to find and play their favorite titles.

Save Your Backup

First Open the Drastic DS Emulator app on your mobile device

Then tap the Menu button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Select Save State from the menu.

Choose the game that you want to backup and select the save state slot that you want to use.

Tap the “Save” button to save the current game state to the selected slot.

Repeat the process for any other games that you want to backup.

Once you’ve created your save states, you can transfer them to another device or backup storage location for safekeeping. You can copy these files to another device or backup storage location to restore your saved game data later. The save state files are stored in the (DraStic) folder on your device’s internal storage and have a .dsv file extension.

Some Application Cons – Reminder:

Google Play Store: Drastic DS Emulator is not available on the Google Play Store, You can download Drastic DS Emulator from our website in a secure way.

Legal issues: While emulation itself is legal, downloading and playing copyrighted games on emulators may be illegal in some regions.

Paid app: The emulator is a paid app, which may be a barrier for some users who are not willing to pay for a gaming app. This is a paid version of DraStic Emulator Which means you must have to uninstall any previously installed free version of this Emulator.

Limited to Android devices: Drastic DS Emulator is only available on many Android devices, limiting its accessibility to users who prefer other operating systems.

high-performance devices: The emulator requires a high-performance device to run smoothly, which may be a problem for users with older or lower-end devices.

NO support: The emulator does not support multiplayer gaming, which may be a disappointment for users who enjoy playing games with friends or family.

Drastic DS Emulator For Android

Here are some requirements for the app:

Operating System:

Android 4.5 or higher


ARMv7a or higher


1 GB (2 GB or more recommended)


OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher


500 MB of free storage space

How to download and install drastic ds emulator app?

With Drastic, you can now easily play and have fun with your favorite DS games on most of your Android devices without running into any problems. You need to install the application and get ready to play your favorite games.

First of all, you don’t move to another third-party site for downloading, you just download the emulator from our page, find the downloading button and click here.

Once you’ve downloaded the APK file, open the file manager on your Android device and navigate to the Downloads folder. Click to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. You may need to grant permission to the app during the installation process.

After installing the emulator, you’ll need to load a ROM file to play a Nintendo DS game.

Once you have loaded the ROM file, you can start playing the game on the Drastic DS Emulator. Customize the controls, graphics, and other settings to your preferences and enjoy the game.

Drastic DS Emulator latest version


Is Drastic DS Emulator free?

No, the Drastic DS Emulator is a paid app.

Can I use external controllers?

Yes, the emulator supports external controllers, allowing users to play games using a physical controller.

How can I save my game progress in?

You can save your game progress using the emulator’s save state feature, which allows you to save your game at any point.

Is the Drastic DS Emulator safe to use?

Yes, the Drastic DS Emulator is safe to use if you only download Drastic DS Emulator from our site app hopes. However, downloading the app from an unknown source can be risky or other security issues.

Can I use Drastic DS Emulator on iOS devices?

No, the Drastic DS Emulator is only available on Android devices.

Can I play multiplayer games using it?

No, the emulator does not support multiplayer gaming.

Can I use cheat codes in Drastic DS Emulator?

Yes, the emulator supports cheat codes, allowing users to unlock hidden features or gain an advantage in their games.

Is it legal to use Drastic ds Emulator to play ROM files?

While emulation itself is legal, downloading and playing copyrighted games on emulators may be illegal in some regions.

Can I synchronize my saved game data across different devices ?

Yes, the emulator enables users to synchronize their saved game data across multiple devices.

Can I customize the controls and graphics settings in Drastic DS Emulator?

Yes, the emulator offers customizable controls and various screen customization options, allowing users to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences.

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