GTA San Andreas Fighting Android Apk
App Name GTA San Andreas
Latest Version V2.10
Developer Rockstar Game
OS Version Android 7.0
Updated August 22,2022
Package Name com.rockstargames.gtasa

GTA San Andreas Apk is a fighting android game. Rockstar games present to you a Rockstar North Game, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the most ambitious games ever created. It is so astonishing for a game since 2004 to have an open world of this size, with this much detailing and a sandbox, which pushes the boundaries of what games can be. GTA San Andreas provides you with the best and most excellent graphics. GTA San Andreas App is based on the American city of San Andreas, Los Santos, San Fierro, and LAs Venturas, where you can move around, steal cars, Finish missions, Ride on different types of vehicles, brawl with people, and much more.

GTA San Andreas Apk Android Game + Obb Latest Version download

GTA San Andreas Android Game

Most of the issues which you might have faced in GTA series 3 have been fixed in this part of the series. On our site, you can easily download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MOD, Unlimited Money).apk. Now you play in the whole San Andreas cities divided into 3 large cities and some small villages. using cheats will help you to have a better experience. After knowing the story, the player all have to complete the missions by racing along the countryside and helping Carl Johnson to save himself and his family from the enemies.

GTA San Andreas Apk Game

The difficulties you might have faced in the game including dodgy moves, the unfair difficulty of characters, and the plot of the game have also been simplified. GTA San Andreas Apk is an action and roleplaying game where you can move and do everything that you do in real life. The inspiration for this game is basically taken from 90s American gangs and the rivalry between Bloods and Crips. It’s even possible to change the character’s physique by making him work out or learn new fighting skills.

Gta san Andreas apk Storyline

In GTA San Andreas, you will play Carl Johnson, as he returns to Los Angeles after five years in Liberty City. Los Santos is a fictional version of the city of Los Angeles in the early 90s, a place where CJ left to escape a life of gang violence. The story is simple enough, and follows Carl Johnson, or CJ, on his quest to become a mafia boss. Now start exploring the city.

There are two main villains: Officer Tenpenny and Officer Pulaski. The developers of GTA San Andreas APK left the successful chips of previous games, as well as added a number of new features.

GTA San Andreas Apk

The project you as a murderer and games go on and we have to take revenge. You will see CJ has gang members which are double-crossing him and his older brother will go to prison and you will have to survive there. There are several plots and subplots also in the game which you might feel are relevant or not.

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You wander the whole map to complete several missions which you can see on the map. You can switch cars, and bikes at any point you want by snatching them from the civilians walking on the roads or streets. Game players can play basketball, shop, make friends, and you can act a doctors, a firefighter, etc.

Moreover, you will get the money they are carrying with them as a bonus. You can easily see missions available on the map which you have to complete at several different locations. The Missions is based on the story of Carl Johnson and Los Santos. CJ finds the main culprit of his mother’s and brother’s death through the mission.

GTA San Andreas Apk App

When you fire with bullets or any other weapon, then you will get money also, but stay away from getting busted or arrested by people. There are tanks and fighter jets in this game, which you can generally find in army base areas. You can also use a variety of weapons to combat.

That will be the end of your game regardless of whether you are having a mission going on or else. This was generally made for Playstation 2 and Xbox initially, but now you can play on your Android device.

Everything is enjoyable in the game which might be due to improvements in the control scheme. Weapons You can find all types of guns and armored vehicles in this game.

You will enjoy the combat this time as the movement play and the gunplay is being massive improvements. You will see the gunshot connect at the target also.


The missions in San Andreas apk are by far the best in the trilogy. They use the design philosophy from GTA 3 and Vice where each mission has a unique objective which makes sure that gameplay has been constantly varied and you will not get bored at any point.

There are standout missions that are so good that include survival.

  • Missions have the objective of being intentionally mundane, where we’re using a forklift to load boxes onto a lorry.
  • There is wacky mission where you steal a combined harvester and then put people through the combined harvester.
  • There are combat mission where we fight through interior space mission
  • Chase missions on quad bikes, vehicles, and motorbikes and also flying mission.

GTA San Andreas Full Version

Black project mission

There are several boundary-pushing mission also like a Black project, where we break into an area which is area 51 of the San Andreas apk.

You will be armed with a sniper rifle and thermal goggles. We sneak past guards picking them off one by one or we can go in all guns blazing. Then you will enter an underground facility to steal the eponymous Black project.

You will never know what to do until you have completed the mission till the end. You will find out that Black mission is a jetpack and you have to blast out of the facility like a rocket.

St. Mark’s Bistro’s mission

The other boundary-pushing mission, which is even harder is St. Mark’s Bistro, where we fly a plane to Liberty City, which is the location you might have seen in GTA san 3 also.

You might think that your plane will get hijacked or something like this but No. We enter St. Mark’s Bistro and complete our mission. since it is possible to fix a target on enemies, preventing you from having to aim manually.

GTA San Andreas Fighting Android Apk

Key features of GTA San Andreas Apk

The developers of GTA San Andreas APK left the successful chips of previous games, as well as added a number of new features.


The developers have put more effort into the graphics and animation of the map in the game. You will find a more realistic experience of graphics whether you are in a club, beach, or any building you visit for mission.

Great color splash

As the game is also available for playing on mobile device, you can also see that there will be enhanced lighting in the game along with more color palate which adds to the graphics of the game.

Playing modes

You get to play both single as well as multiplayer modes if you want to play with your friends or family. It gives you the best experience so you can have a great gaming experience. You can also upgrade your car with nitrous to run fast. Almost everything is the same but you have to master the controls now.

Various languages

The game supports several languages which can be used to communicate in the game as well as instructions for the game can be seen in that preferable language. They include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.

How to install GTA San Andreas on your Android?

You can download free GTA San Andreas Apk the games easily from our website. You can find out the download link below also or search for it in the search bar.

  • If you want to download GTA from the official website, then you will have to pay for the game.
  • Then, install the app from your Files Manager and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Allow permissions to manage running the games and mobile system in coordination with each other.
  • But, if you want to free download it from the Play Store, then you will have to pay money to download the app, and then installation will be done automatically.

FAQs Grand Theft Auto

Does the game have just single-player mode?

GTA Theft Auto San Andreas provides both single and multiplayer modes of gameplay. But, most people prefer to play single mode.

Which vehicles are available to ride GTA Theft Auto San Andreas?

You can select the range of vehicles from civilian vehicles like trucks, bikes, cars and military helicopters, panzers, etc.

 Is this also have the OBB File?

Yes, the OBB file of Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas is attached there.


In conclusion, GTA San Andreas is a classic action-adventure game that has stood the test of time. The APK version allows players to enjoy the game on their Android devices, offering the same thrilling gameplay and immersive open-world experience as the original version. With its engaging storyline, diverse characters, and endless side activities, GTA San Andreas is a must-play for fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. Whether you’re playing on a phone or tablet, the APK ensures smooth and seamless gameplay, making it easy to dive into the world of San Andreas anytime, anywhere. Overall, GTA San Andreas APK is a highly recommended game for those looking for an exciting and engaging gaming experience.

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