Shadow Fight 3 App
App Name Shadow Fight 
Updated July 26, 2018
Size 69 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ 
Current Version 1.12.5
Required Android 4.1 and up 
Developer NEKKI 

Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK is an action Arcade game developed by NEKKI a well-known game developer. This game includes amazing graphics that blow your mind. Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game of old-style fights. It shows all the dark secrets and you can become a warrior of the game. You can play this game online with your friends or with Robots. In this game, you get an RPG fight and you are the HERO of the game. You can play with the different styles and weapons of your own choice. In the MOD version, you can freeze enemies. Shadow Fight APK The game works as a classic fighting game. Graphics The third installment of the Shadow Fight game series is one of the few that combine interesting game mechanics with addicting gameplay.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD Apk Unlimited Everything 2023 Next Max Level

Shadow Fight 3 App


Fighting Style
You can create your fight style and Shadow Fight 3 MOD latest Version APK gives you the three best fighting styles to choose from.


There are a lot of weapon available to use in the game modes as a HERO. You can choose Sword, single or double, sticks and other things like a Helmet, etc.


You need to be fast as you can to win the battle. Be fast and speed up your power. Shadow Fight 3 Mod latest Version APK comes with high-speed graphics that blow your mind and you will get an awesome experience in Shadow Fight 3  game.

Story-Driven Game

Shadow Fight 3 Series is a story game. You are the HERO of the game and you are in a dangerous world that is full of epic war and you have to fight and win your battle to be a great Warrior . At first, you have to turn on “Frozen enemy” in the MOD Menu.

Graphics and Quality

Shadow Fight 3 game series contains high graphics visuals and a great fighting genre. There are colorful animations and smooth gameplay.

Shadow Fight 3 download here


Shadow Fight 3 MOD NEKKI contains some other best interesting features.

  • Best visuals and animations and bring lifelike physics
  • Great gameplay
  • Best Visuals
  • Create Characters of your own choice
  • Different fighting moods
  • Hundreds of new styles of fighting and moves
  • 3 unique styles of fight in the shadow
  • 100’s of weapon to collect

Shadow Fight 3 Fighting Game


  • Smooth animations and lifelike physics
  • Spectacular Shadow-based fighting mechanics
  • Lots of gear and weapon to collect
  • Gorgeous visuals
  • Three unique factions and fighting styles
  • Hundreds of perks and super moves
  • The Dynasty focuses on creating new things with their newfound power.
  • Collect tons of different weapons and armor on your journey.
  • These seven chapters also include over 15 missions each, holding over ten main tasks and 2-3 side quests to earn money!

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The new update comes with chapter 5:

  • New Story
  • 5 new locations
  • 3 epic Bosses
  • 12 new weapons
  • 24+ new types of weapons
  • New Shadow Power Powers

Shadow Fight 3 Free download


  • Download Shadow Fight 3 Game APK from the download button below.
  • If you are Downloading it on your Android Device then You can easily Install it Otherwise you will have to transfer the Downloaded file to your Android Device.
  • Save the APK in Your Internal memory or SD card
  • Open and install it
  • Enjoy Playing The more interesting games.
  • Shadow Fight 3 APK Overview Name Shadow Fight 3 Updated Jan 3, 2023

Shadow Fight 3 Game

Gameplay – Unlimited Money

The gameplay includes action physical fights where you can easily learn controls. The player can equip their respective main character with accessories. Better yet, you can also gain new skills during . Knock out your opponent to get more bonus. The MOD version also offers unlimited everything, including energy and heroes, to allow for a truly unrestricted gaming experience. The Shadow Fight 3 the Unlimited money, and gems to get everything out of the game without having to spend any of them. Win duels by fighting other players’ heroes controlled by AI.

Your opponents might get too fast. You can have different fighting combat styles according to your liking. Your opponents will have the same speed as any player which is carrying the same weapon. So it would fight better. Ensure you rank well on the leaderboard and prove yourself as a top shadow fighter. It will also help in PvP battles, where players can face off against other real players in intense fights.

The throwing weapons option is available when you have passed the 1st half of chapter 1 in the game. They are also trying to change the difficulty max level so the players might feel comfortable playing the games. Defeat Powerful Bosses. If you like the Shadow Fight series, join us on different social media platforms! Initially, you will have Crude Sword, Training Uniform, Visored Casque.

Change the gender appearance of your character

If you want to change the gender or the appearance of any of the characters regarding your gender/ appearance, you need to click on the profile button in the main menu, then tap on the pencil icon which is an editor option to change the image of your character. If you are changing the gender of your character for the first time, it will be changed for free but if you want to change it multiple times, it will cost you (Unlimited Money/Gems) according to that character’s appearance. Shadow Fight 3 is an improvement over the previous mobile game in the famous series. This helps the gamer to fight in different styles and also combine all three factions to come up with their own fighting tricks. so it’s up to players to find the best fit for their combat style.

Shadow Fight 3 Latest updated version

How can you upgrade the equipment items?

To modify and upgrade your weapons let’s say an armor shield, you would need Shadow Energy for it. Collect the Best Weapons In this game, you can collect various weapons and equipment to enhance your fighting capabilities. Then when the enemy jumps up, you have to attack, now your enemy will freeze. And the mysterious Heralds study the darkest secrets of the shadow power. The controls on Android are pretty intuitive – you’ll notice you’ll need to practice with certain skill moves and combinations to get them right, and the variety of character choice keeps the game fresh as you progress.

Whenever you open the chest, it will get you a booster item to upgrade your character. Once you complete unique sets of armor you’ll be able to unlock powerful abilities that really make your character stand out.

What is set in Shadow Fight 3 MOD? Fighting Styles

A set consists of various items for upgrading your character which include a helmet, protective armor, a ranged weapon to target your enemy, and melee weapons in the game. When you claim a certain set, you get the reward automatically.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD Apk

Why the titled sets are special?

A titled set gives a fight bonus when equipped with your character. A titled set always has a title, an icon, and a game mechanic of its own. The Dynasty people learned to use it for profit and crafting.

How to collect a set for my character?

Each set consists of four items which it is consisted of. You can also collect items by opening packs and reward chests which gives you one of the items of the set.

What is Dragon Prime set?

Whenever your successful hit is made, it will give drain the shadow energy in a fixed amount.

How is Sterile Gloom work?

Whenever you make a successful hit, you will get the bonus of damage instantly. Your bonus will be tripled when your claws remain activated at their maximum. But, your bonus will fade away with time if continuous hits are not done.

Controls in the game

•You can use the joystick which can be seen on the left of the screen around the location.

•Action buttons are on the right side to use for choosing weapons and kicking attacks.

•You can combine joystick directions and action buttons to create new attack moves.

•You can use the shadow attack ability by combining the movement of the stick and the shadow energy button.

To download the apk file make sure that you have an Android device and 108 MB of free space.

You can download Shadow Fight 3 Mod (mod menu) for free now!

You’ll meet new characters in each place and have the opportunity to interact with them.

Shadow Fight 3 Multiplayer game

Rules to follow in Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK

In some of the additional missions you do, there are sometimes particular rules to follow that affect your gameplay surely. Down below, we have given some of them which you might cross forward to:

•          No jumps allowed

•          Just blows to the head

•          Health recovery on strike

•          Fighting in the dark

•          Health falls over the time

•          The enemy restores health upon impact

•          The adversary is invisible

•          The enemy regenerates

•          Only fistfight

•          Only kicks allowed

Although it is an offline game, with the feature of synchronizing data played through Google, every time you update a new version or even delete it game reinstall all old data is still reserved. Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly Downloading

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