Tinder Gold APK
App Name Tinder Gold
Developer Tinder
Version V14
Category Strategy
Size 44 MB
Required 4.4

Tinder Gold APK is a premium version of the famous dating app, Tinder. It offers a range of enhanced features that allow users to find and connect with potential matches in a more convenient and efficient manner.

With Tinder Gold, users can enjoy benefits such as unlimited likes, the ability to see who has liked their profile, and the option to match with people in different locations.

The app now lets users to match with other people from different countries who also share the same interests as you. Feel free to have fun and chat with your matches whenever you want. If you have time to manage multiple accounts and swipe across different apps, you can probably enhance your chances to set more dates for free. It is a good idea to register in similar meeting applications other than Tinder.

Tinder Gold APK Updated Unlocked Version v14 Download

Tinder Gold APK

Additionally, users can take advantage of Passport, a feature that enables them to change their location and swipe through profiles from anywhere in the world. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Tinder is an ideal choice for those looking to take their online dating experience to the next level. In addition, Golden Like sifted through profiles to find the best matches for you, and you no longer need to swipe for a tasteless search.

Tinder is differentiated, gives its users more things for self-expression, and means giving others the chance to find a better partner to date. Swipe left or right? The way Tinder works are quite simple.

You should also steer clear of using too many filters. The best photos are those taken by a proper camera (not on a phone) and that don’t use filters. They’re good quality, but still genuine.

This a fun, easy-to-use, and best dating app so far because you can use this app to make new friends or partners nearby you. With this Tinder Gold package, finding a dating partner becomes a lot easier. In addition, Golden Like sifted through your profile pictures to find the best matches for you, and you no longer need to swipe for a tasteless search.

Sometimes, you’d get matched with people you don’t find interesting. Whenever this happens, you can always unmatch and remove such people. What’s certain is that you’d meet interesting people within a short period.

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There are many unique paid features added in the application which consist of different and unique factors such as hobbies, work, daily routines, and more are included and all of these can be set to find the perfect match for the users and a perfectly suitable friend.

Here, we can set up searches by gender, maximum scan distance, age, and more. Editing your profile Recently, I have introduced the resumes you would like to receive.

Through this application, making friends or finding love will become easier than ever, even helping them confidently express themselves or find the right person with personal interests.


Tinder was first launched in 2012 as a mobile app that aimed to simplify the dating process by allowing users to quickly and easily find potential matches based on their location and preferences. The app quickly gained popularity, and within a few years, it had millions of users worldwide.

In 2015, Tinder introduced its premium latest version, Tinder Plus, which offered users additional features such as unlimited swipes and the ability to undo swipes. Later, in 2017, Tinder launched Tinder Gold apk, its most premium offering to date, which added even more features and benefits for users.

Over the years, Tinder mod apk has continued to evolve and expand, becoming one of the most popular dating apps in the world and helping millions of people connect with potential partners.

Here are all the Features of Tinder Gold Apk:

Express Unlimited Likes:

With Tinder Gold apk, new users can like as many profiles as they want without any restrictions. This gives users the freedom to explore the dating apps and find as many potential matches as they desire.

See Who Likes You:

One of the most unique premium features of Tinder Gold mod apk is the ability to see who has liked your profile.

This allows users to quickly and easily identify people who are interested in them, saving time and effort compared to swiping through profiles blindly.

Smart Photos:

This feature analyzes users’ photos and automatically displays the ones that receive the most right swipes. This helps users maximize their chances of getting matches by presenting their best photos first.


This feature allows users to undo their last swipe if they accidentally swiped left on a potential match. This gives users a second chance to connect with someone they may have missed the first time around.


Tinder mod apk users can take advantage of the Boost premium features, which puts their profile at the top of the app’s stack of profiles for 30 minutes, making it more visible to potential matches.

Super Likes:

With Tinder Gold, users can send Super Likes to profiles that they’re particularly similar interests in. This notifies the other user that you’re interested and sets your profile apart from others.

Priority Support:

Tinder Gold apk package subscribers receive priority support, meaning that their queries and concerns are given priority over those of standard users.


This feature enables users to change their location and swipe through profiles from anywhere in the world. This is ideal for those who travel frequently or want to expand their dating options beyond their local area. You can use this premium tool to pretend to be any place you want and then meet people in other places (from different cities to different country).

Top Picks:

Tinder App subscribers have access to a daily list of Top Picks, which are hand-selected profiles that are deemed to be particularly compatible with the user’s preferences.

No Ads:

With Tinder Gold apk, users won’t be interrupted by any ads, allowing them to use the app uninterrupted and without distractions.

With all the above-mentioned features you are also getting unlimited rewinds, free boosts, and super likes, discovering who likes you, having more control over your profile, and building stronger privacy, etc.

Tinder Gold APK

Cons of Tinder Gold:-

Cost: It is a premium feature and is more expensive than the basic Tinder mod apk gold plus unlocked.

Reduced authenticity: With the ability to see who liked your profile, some users may feel less inclined to put effort into their profiles and conversations.

Addiction: Unlimited swipes and instant access to matches can lead to overuse and addiction.

Match overload: With more matches, it can become difficult to keep track of and engage with all of them.

Free vs. Premium (Tinder Gold Apk)


A limited number of swipes per day.

No access to the “Likes You” feature, which shows users who have liked their profile before swiping.

No ability to change location and search for matches anywhere in the world with the “Passport” feature.

No priority in search results, meaning profiles may not be seen by as many potential matches.


An unlimited number of swipes.

Access to the Likes You feature, which shows users who have liked their profile before swiping.

Ability to change location and search for matches anywhere in the world with the “Passport” feature.

Priority in search results, means profiles are more likely to be seen by potential matches.

Why Tinder Premium?

Tinder Premium is a paid latest version of the popular dating app, Tinder, that offers users additional features and benefits not available to free users. Some of these benefits include unlimited swipes, the ability to see who has liked your profile, the ability to rematch with expired matches, and the ability to hide your age and location. The purpose of Tinder Premium version is to enhance the user’s experience and give them more control over their online dating experience.

Tinder Gold Latest Version


To use Tinder Gold, you need:

Android app device with the latest version 4.4 or higher.

A stable internet connection.

A Tinder account can be created within the app or through the website.

You can follow these steps to download Tinder APK:

You can download it from the below direct link, click any button, and download tinder apk

After completing the tinder gold apk modified version, open the folder and install it

Follow installation instructions carefully

Then Go to your device’s Settings and allow installation from Unknown Sources if prompted.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

How to Play?

Create a profile by providing some basic information about yourself, including photos, a brief bio, and your preferences for potential matches.

Browse through the profiles of other users by swiping left (to skip) or right (to like) on each one. If you both like each other, it’s a match, and you can start chatting.

Chat with your matches to get to know them better. If you feel comfortable, you can arrange to meet in person.

Reviews from users

Some users find the additional features to be useful and worth the cost, while others feel that the service is overpriced and does not offer enough value. Some common complaints include that the service is cluttered with too many ads, or that it is difficult to cancel.

On the other hand, many users appreciate the ability to see who has liked their profile and find that the service leads to more matches and conversations. Ultimately, the experience of using Tinder Gold mod apk will depend on individual preferences and what you are looking to get out of the service.


What is Tinder Gold and what does it include?

Tinder Apk is a premium subscription service that offers additional features such as the ability to see who likes you, unlimited swipes, and access to exclusive features such as Passport, Rewind, and Boost.

How much does Tinder Gold cost?

The cost of Tinder Gold varies depending on your location, age, and the length of the subscription. On average, it can range from $5 to $20 per month.

How do I cancel my Tinder Gold subscription?

You can cancel your Tinder Apk subscription through the app store you used to purchase it. On iOS, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions. On Android device, go to the Google Play Store > “Subscriptions.

Can I use Tinder Gold without a subscription?

No, you cannot use Tinder Gold without a subscription. You need to sign up and pay for the service to access its features.

Can I use Tinder Gold on more than one Android devices?

No, a Tinder Mod subscription can only be used on one device at a time.

Is Tinder Gold worth it?

Whether or not Tinder App is worth it depends on individual preferences and needs. If you’re looking for additional features and benefits on the app, it might be worth considering. However, it’s important to weigh the cost and benefits before making a decision.

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