Tivimate Premium Account APK

Tivimate is a live streaming television application that allows you to watch unlimited television programs, talk shows, web series, tournaments, and much more. Tivimate Premium Account is your buddy in your easy access which can be downloaded for free and it gets you access to limits.

The article will tell you when you have bought the premium account and done premium account login, then you can get more access. You can use it whenever you want and also you can buy the standard version if you can’t afford it. But, this limits your accessibility.

Tivimate Premium Account APK

What is different about the Tivimate premium account?

The premium account allows you to download shows or record them for later watches. If you are not free or busy some work or somewhere else, then you know live streaming never stops. You missed something and it’s gone. This happens on the standard account where when you have limited access to use the application. But, buying the premium account version and logging in will show you a clear difference. The eye-catching features include Xtream codes, Functionality features, More setting options, Recording options, etc.

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So after you have downloaded it, you can watch it anytime you want. Also, you can make a playlist where you can choose your playlist of different channels, the timing of shows, and the names of the shows. You will not find this much productivity and customer service in any other app like this.

Where to buy a Tivimate premium account?

You can buy the Tivimate premium account version in different ways like:

·         If you have downloaded the application from the App Store, then you can directly go to buy a license for using the premium account from the application itself. It will give you packages and a rate list. You can buy whichever you can afford. This is a simple way to download and buy a license.

·         Another way to buy a premium account is that you can download an application called Tivimate companion which is managed by the company to collect data. They provide you with the platform to download the companion app and then buy an account of your choice.

·         You can also use the app to unlock the premium account by going to the settings, then go to account and buy your preferable account.

After buying the account, you will get the password and username through the email you provided while signing up. Put that email and password and you will enjoy streaming for the duration of which package you bought.

tivimate premium apk with accouunt

How to use Tivimate premium account?

If you are going to buy a premium account, then before doing it make sure you have registered on the Tivimate companion app. When you do this, you will easily be able to buy a Tivimate premium account FIRESTICK or on Android, etc. But, you can also download the companion app for payment purposes on your Pc, MacBook pro, laptops, etc. But, it is not made for streaming on any windows except android.

How much Tivimate premium account costs?

It costs you $1.99 for a month, $4.99 for a year, and $19.99 for a lifetime membership. You can try out their 5-day free trial mode of the premium version. After buying a membership you can also cancel the subscription in a free trial period if you don’t like that. If you cancel it you will get the full refund in your account.


There are several perks of using a premium account and as they say, not everything best in the world comes up free. One has to pay something to get something better. So, don’t miss trying our premium version and getting your account upgraded.

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