As technology is getting modern and applications are giving you access to all over the world whether it is transportation, entertainment or banking sector, etc. You can also have a wireless TV easily available. Tivimate Premium Apk is a big invention that you can watch your favorite programs by using a wireless connection in the form of Wi-Fi. Your device will catch signals and gives you a pathway to use the internet. Likewise, the TV industry and entertainment of all sorts have also become handy nowadays. You can watch your favorite shows and news with just one click on Tivimate premium apk. Tivimate premium apk is also one of those sports where you can watch shows of your choice. So start streaming your favorite shows and movies with high-quality visuals and better audible voice here on Tivimate premium pk.

Tivimate Premium Features

The interesting features to catch your sight in the application are the following:

Customer friendly platform

As precisely said it is customer support to give people the easy way and much better facilities as compared to others. You get simple controls and options like watching the history of shows that you were watching earlier, sample programs for you to teach how to crack Tivimate, and a bunch of different other options.

Personalized dashboard

You can also edit your dashboard easily by choosing which options you would like to have on your screen and controls which you use excessively. The customized settings always attract customers to use display options of your choice. You can add a floating window of TV, power off button, volume controls on your dashboard with icons of your choice.

Live streaming and Favorite shows

You can watch different channels on the premium apk, unlike the standard version. Click on the reminder and it will notify you when your favorite show on TV starts. There are famous different shows of all time available you might watch on your mini television. While watching your shows, you can control the action and visual effects through the app.

Unlimited shows and streaming

The application gives you a free subscription to so many different channels which you might not even know exists. Unlike some other streaming applications, Tivimate premium pk 2022 is different from them giving you more watch time during the day. It wouldn’t hang up streaming and gives you restrictions per day.

Problems related to Tivimate premium streaming:

When you are watching the free stream sometimes can be a problem, then you should not complain about the following:

  • There might be some shows which are area restricted and they are not easily available. So, you can stream those shows also by using a proxy that changes your IP address.
  • The downloaded and recorded shows which are not going live are run smoothly but when you are doing live show streaming, it might get stopped due to advertisements like what we see during shows on TV.
  • You should not complain about the sudden error or buffering or any signal breaking while streaming.
  • Your Internet connectivity might get problems with your streaming. You might miss some fun due to your internet connection, so better if you have a nice server for uncut shows and don’t miss any scene.

Which shows you can watch on Tivimate premium apk?

You can watch unlimited shows with no payment for watching and streaming. The premium account application comes up with so many perks and shows from around the globe. You can watch shows on OTT like Disney plus, Netflix, Balaji, etc in just one go.

They could be the latest shows or old lost shows which you used to watch when you were a kid. The other streaming videos include matches of football, tennis, cricket, etc. which also come up for free. You should not miss any updates and time to get it. It is a TV app which means you miss the scene and you have lost it. So stay tuned for unlimited fun and streaming and stick to the app.

How can I get the free subscription?

You can never get a free subscription as far as you were on the trial duration you canceled the subscription within one week and you will get a refund after that. But, if you have bought the account and then renewed it before the previous one was over, then the remaining days will be added to the new subscription duration. But, there is no completely free subscription.


Is Tivimate IPTV premium apk fully secure to use?

Yes, you can download the premium version by the link available on our website where you can get the premium account application for free. The IPTV player account is free but the only thing you have to do is to sign up and create your account. The permission will ask wouldn’t cause any harm to your device.

Is Tivimate premium apk safe for all age groups?

There are some TV shows which are PG rated and they are also popular like Lucifer, Game of thrones, etc. to name quite a few. But, one can watch them with parents’ permission. Otherwise, the shows available are totally up to all age groups with no restrictions.

Do I have to pay for a subscription after the free login?

No, you don’t have to. The only thing you have to pay is for the best possible internet connection available for un-buffered streaming. While you don’t have to pay for watching TV.

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